At Tidal Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, our team believes in taking a unique approach to your child’s care. Some offices prioritize pediatric care in an independent environment, without consulting parents first. We believe that parents play a crucial role in their child’s oral health.

Our team will provide a full explanation of our recommendations regarding your child’s care. We will discuss with you the reasons and benefits for our suggestions.

Most importantly, our team understands that children imitate the habits of those closest to them. By keeping you informed and educated regarding your child’s oral health care, you are better positioned to keep your child on track for a lifetime of healthy smiles. By building habits at a young age, future oral health complications may be prevented.

We encourage you and your child to visit our office together to meet our team and tour our facilities. We are confident you will find that it is as comfortable and welcoming for parents as it is for children.