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Probiotics have long been touted for their digestive health benefits, but recent studies reveal their potential in improving oral health as well. At Tidal Smiles Pediatric Dentistry of North Carolina, your trusted Children’s Dentist Elizabeth City, we explore the promising role of probiotics in promoting healthy smiles.

Combatting Gingivitis

Research indicates that probiotics can aid in reducing gingivitis, a common gum inflammation. In a clinical trial involving children, those supplemented with probiotics experienced significant improvements in gingival health compared to those on a placebo. Probiotics effectively mitigate gum bleeding, offering a promising solution for managing gingivitis.

Managing Periodontitis

Probiotics demonstrate efficacy in combating periodontitis, a severe gum infection that can lead to tooth loss. By targeting harmful bacteria responsible for gum detachment and subsequent infection, probiotics aid in reducing inflammation and facilitating oral healing.

Preventing Cavities

Furthermore, probiotics contribute to cavity prevention by reducing plaque buildup and inhibiting decay-causing bacteria. Clinical studies reveal a significant decrease in plaque formation among children supplemented with probiotics, leading to a healthier oral environment and fewer instances of dental decay.

Freshening Breath

In addition to their role in combating oral diseases, probiotics have a cleansing effect on breath. Malodorous gases produced by bacteria contribute to bad breath, but probiotics help maintain a balanced oral microbiome, minimizing odor-causing bacteria and promoting fresher breath.

Holistic Oral Health

Beyond digestive benefits, probiotics play a vital role in maintaining overall oral and systemic health. Researchers emphasize the importance of probiotics in fostering a healthy mouth and body, underscoring their multifaceted benefits beyond digestion.

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