Easter Candy and Cavities

It’s not the sugar from the candy itself that gives your kids cavities, but rather what happens in their mouth after they eat the sugar. Some types of bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugars to create acids that destroy tooth enamel. Those acids create a bacterial infection that makes holes in teeth. Without treatment, cavities can go deeper into layers of the tooth, causing pain and possible tooth loss.

Tips to Prevent Cavities at Easter:
Give Easter treats that aren’t candy. Some good options for children include:
>Art and craft supplies like stickers, paints, markers, and yarn.
>Travel games, puzzles, yo-yos, and mini-figurines.
>Books about Easter.
>Outdoor toys like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and jump ropes.
>Toothbrushes and floss (our favorite).

Ensure that they’re brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Give them water to drink, and as always, we recommend bringing them in for a cleaning and exam twice a year!