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There are hundreds of bacteria in your child’s mouth. You and your child need to understand that not all bacteria are harmful. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find out what you need to know about the bacteria in your child’s mouth.

Understanding Bacteria

There have been more than 700 kinds of oral bacteria identified to date. The majority of people have less than 10% of these strains in their mouths at any given time.Each strain serves a different purpose. We refer to probiotic bacteria as harmless bacteria that aid in digestion. Your child’s tooth and gum health is also affected by other types of bacteria. Bacteria that cause decay and periodontal disease are the leading causes of bad teeth and gums.

Bacteria can be harmful to your teeth and gums.

Your child’s mouth is constantly filled with bacteria. If conditions are right, certain bacteria species can double their number in 20 minutes, according to Registered Dental Hygienist Magazine. The bacteria feed on starches and sugars that your child ingests each day through food and drink. Certain bacteria produce acids when they consume starches and sugars. Your child’s tooth enamel is eroded by this acid, making them vulnerable to decay.

Take Care of Your Mouth.

Maintaining excellent oral hygiene is the best way to manage the bacteria in your child’s mouth. You should brush for at least two full minutes twice a day and floss regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria. A mouthwash with antibacterial properties may be helpful. Adhering to a healthy diet is also essential for maintaining good oral health. You can reduce the multiplication of bacteria in your body by reducing your consumption of sugar, acids, and starches.

However, not all bacteria are harmful. Thanks to bacteria, keeping your child’s health in check can be beneficial. Follow your child’s oral hygiene routine to protect their mouth and teeth from harmful bacteria. On your next visit to our office, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and check for decay. Additionally, we’ll look for any other signs of oral health issues.

Please get in touch with our dental team if you need more information on keeping your child’s mouth healthy.  Is it time to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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